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October 7th, 2009 at 06:45 am

So I went to trim some shooting lanes at my deer stand and a 10pt buck and a doe walked up on me and stood watching for a few minutes until they winded me. It was a nice 10pt too, when he ran away it was like watching a bush running because he took so many leaves off the low trees.

Yesterday I got the deck sanded down and the new spindles put up. Today I'm staining the deck, staining our fence, and the neighbors fence. Then getting a big piece of poster board and making a stencil of our bay window dormer to get a blind made for it. Then I'm going to fill in the holes under the deck my dog has dug.

Tomorrow I'm going to go see if I can get this 10pt buck before I have to take DW to dialysis. That would make my week. One of the guys I work with got a button buck yesterday in Kansas, which counts as a doe.

When I was working on our deck yesterday the neighbors kids came over to help DW make some brownies. They are for our other neighbor, cause we have to take their plate back they gave us apple cake on, so we made brownies in return. Anyway, DW made just enough to give away, not expecting the kids. So today the kids are coming over again and DW is making brownies for them. She makes it all from scratch, none of the mix in a box stuff.

And finally, DW and I aren't a match at all for a kidney transplant. Mayo said she would have to do treatments every other day for 3 months there and even then it wouldn't be for sure. So we need to find a B blood type, or an O without kids. Good times. But we are on the paired kidney exchange at Mayo, and working to get on Barnes Jewish in St. Louis. DW has about 14 months on the list in Kansas City, and you can move your time on the list around, so we're moving her 14 months to Mayo and restarting her time on the list in Kansas City. Good times. We have to go up to Mayo sometime, find out today, in order to get DW on the active list for up there.

That's about it. Off to feed the dog and get started on my list for the day.

Productive Day

October 5th, 2009 at 05:41 pm

So I got the entry painted, took about 5 hours to do it all right. Also got out the house jack and lifted up the corner of our deck that was sinking. Also went to the lumber yard and ordered new spindles for the deck since they didn't have any in. I'll get those on Friday, so I'll be able to put those on, sand, stain and seal the deck over the course of the next week. I'll borrow a hand held belt sander to sand the deck down, and I have a paint sprayer to stain with.

Also mowed my yard, and took out the dying annual pot flowers. Nothing left to do as far as working on the house except the deck this week.

Tomorrow will be nice to get the deer stuff finally around and done. Maybe I'll get some deer hunting in later this week and put one in the freezer. Could use the meet. You can kill all the doe you want in Missouri for $7 a tag, good stuff.

Mayo doesn't have the labs finished yet. First we were supposed to know Friday. Then today. Now tomorrow. We'll find out eventually. I hope they can work with us. Would be a big help.

I'm not losing any weight working out, but then again when you're 6'4" 230, I don't really expect to lose too much weight as I do just get leaner and put on some bulk. Didn't get my workout in yet today, so it will be a late night when I get home. Usually do about 45 minutes of solid cardio and half an hour of weights each day, and it's helping. DW notices anyway, and that's what counts. That and my PT test in 3 weeks.

But I'm off to take a shower and go play cards.


October 5th, 2009 at 06:38 am

So we went to DW Aunts house Saturday for dinner. Went fishing for a while in their pond, caught some bass, then went in and had steak and potatoes for dinner. Good times. They are letting me bow hunt there too, which is nice, because it's uber difficult to find good hunting land in Missouri that people will let you hunt. Already a tree stand there too so I don't need to buy one.

Sunday, we went to church for the first time together in a long long time - it was only the second time since Feb 08 when we got married. We didn't fight about it either. It meets us both about halfway, and our friends go there, so it's a good compromise. Good times.

Last night we had company for dinner, and that was good. Got to hang out with people relatively our own age for about 6 hours. We're going with them to a ren fair next weekend - DW wants the deep fried cheese cake. Can you say heart attack on a stick?

Today, I'm going to try and finally get this dang entry painted - it's a pain to tape the ceiling off because it's on a stairwell and 30 feet up. Then I'm mowing, and going to play cards tonight. Tomorrow, I'm going to pick up a free old recliner to put in our basement. It's still good and functional, just outdated upholstry. Also getting my deer stand together and planting some winter wheat. That should get me to Wednesday.

But the big thing will be later today when I call Mayo back and should find out if they can work with us on DW's kidney transplant. We'll hope.

A Good Day

October 2nd, 2009 at 04:30 am

Had written a check for $600 and mistakenly put it in the check book twice, so we had $600 more than we thought.

We've been wanting a new TV and found a decent one at a good price, so we bought it. A 46" LCD at wally world that had been the display TV for $730 plus tax. The new ones are $1158 plus tax. Figure we saved about $475. Hadn't been planning to get one until the super bowl, but with that kind of deal it was hard to pass up. DW was more excited about it than I was.

So we took the old TV from the living room and put it in the basement. It's a nice little home gym down there now with the TV and an old recliner and my computer. Just need to get an area rug to keep our feet warm off the concrete.

Been meaning to get the basement finished, but it's so expensive to have it done and I don't have the practical knowledge to do more than hang the dry wall, which was done when we bought the house. My next door neighbor is a boiler maker and work gets slow for him in the winter, so he's going to help me as a side job. Extra money in his pocket, and a finished basement for me for about half the price of a contractor. Works out good for both of us.

Today I'm painting the entrance way and taking DW out for a date night for the first time since she's been home from Mayo. She wants to see some movie that comes out tonight that looks pretty stupid, but I want to take her out, so we're seeing Zombieland - the only one that looks like it has the potential to be worth matinee price - and then going to Red Lobster. She loves the salmon there, and she needs the protein. There are cheaper ways to get protein, but it's her excuse for going to a pricey restaurant. I like to spoil her.

DW keeps getting better. She actually walked in wally world yesterday instead of using the wheel chair cart. More because there wasn't a wheel chair cart then because she wanted to. But it's progress. Anyway, that's about it for now. Won't post again until Monday most likely. Have plans for tomorrow and Sunday.